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thinkCONVERSION® ensures that you make more sales - through better conversion rates, high-conversion processes and the right visitors. With extraordinary methods - and real success!

In a free strategy session, Jörg Dennis Krüger will show you how thinkCONVERSION® can also ensure more sales in your online shop.

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The Conversion Hacker™

More than 23 years of experience in online marketing

Author bestselling books "Conversion Boosting mit Website Testing" and “Web Content Management”.

More than 32 million euros in additional sales through thinkCONVERSION®.

Germany's conversion expert #1

My team and I are conversion optimizers and growth hackers by conviction. More than 20 years ago I researched the technical background, wrote the standard works for conversion optimization and content management in Germany - and successfully accompanied hundreds of companies on their way to more conversion, growth and success.


Our secret? thinkCONVERSION™! The method developed by Jörg Dennis Krüger focuses entirely on pressing the right buttons to generate conversions. With this clear strategy, the tried and tested procedure and 1: 1 templates, we achieve extraordinary results.

We work with a real 360-degree approach - always with the focus on more conversions. We analyze every potential (onsite and offsite - and often offline) and find ways to use this potential efficiently: target group-specific, product-specific, taking into account individual goals and challenges, technically efficient implementation - and of course conversion strong and growth-optimized. This is how we ensure significantly more sales – sustainably and efficiently.

thinkCONVERSION® has been certified by TÜV Nord as a certified educational service according to ISO 2021:29993 since 2017.

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