The first € 100.000
with your online shop

Experience from over 14 years of shop & conversion

Cover the first 100000 euros with your online shop

Find out the secrets of successful online shops and learn how to bring your own online shop up to speed.

Jörg Dennis Krüger (“The Conversion Hacker®”) explains in this book how he helped online shops over 100.000.000 euros in sales and how you can quickly and efficiently take the steps to your first 100.000 euros in sales.

From practice, pragmatic, easy to understand and motivating. So that you can get started right away!

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What you can learn from this book:

  • Having your own online shop is a huge opportunity
  • Which is why most online shops fail
  • Do what is really important
  • Don't do everything yourself!
  • What distinguishes well-running online shops from those that make practically no sales
  • How to position your shop successfully
  • Don't have to sell over price
  • The right shop system
  • How data makes your shop successful
  • Why creativity kills your sales
  • You successfully advertise online
  • Turn one-time buyers into regular customers
  • The most important questions for you to get into the implementation
Get your book now!
Instead of 39,99 € now only 14,95 €
four booksGet your book now!
Instead of 39,99 € now only 14,95 €

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